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This paint has been produced for over ten years and is now at the top of its market. Quality is of the essence. The all new formulated whitewall tyre paint is now available. Now an acrylic paint we still have that excellent adhesion and more than 300% flexibility. It only needs 6 hours drying time between each coat and if necessary can be thinned with water.
Four to five thin coats of the paint is applied with the tyre on the rim. If painting with a brush you may find brush marks to avoid this we supply a foam applicator. Two tins will cover wide whitewalls on all four tyres, one tin will cover a narrow whitewall on all four tyres.

Please follow the included instructions. Sometimes adhesion can be a problem. This is due to the fact that many car owners clean their cars and wheels with a shampoo/soap that contains silicone. This needs to be completely removed using an automotive spirit wipe or silicone cleaner, just sanding the tyres alone will not remove the silicone left on the tyres and whilst silicone is present there will always be a problem with adhesion.

If using masking tape as a guide around the tyre, please make sure you use a sharp blade between the tape and the tyre paint otherwise there could be a chance that you also pull the paint off. After the paint job is done it is good to polish the tyres with auto-polish, to keep off water and dirt.

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